Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Rai$e the Roof This Holiday Season!

Two Door Cinema Club, Something Good Can Work
Tourist History 2010

You gotta step up your game to make to the top.
So go!
Gotta little competition now.

Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la, la la la la. Do you know what would make me jolly? If you joined in the MKF holiday giving drive by hosting your own bake sale or donating online! Check out the MKF Holiday Drive page, read what each mAss kickin' fundraiser has to say, watch their videos, and pick a member's page to support!

Last winter I held the first ever MKF bake sale at my high school. Hungry high school students loved the homemade cookies, brownies, and red velvet cupcakes - the bake sale was a huge success. The support from students was so overwhelming that we sold out in less than seven minutes! This year I’m hoping to double our profits, with the incentive of TUMORS SUCK! stickers for every purchase or donation of $5 or more. The bake sale will take place on December 9th, so stay tuned for pictures, videos, and other updates regarding fundraising progress!

Although I have a feeling that the majority of my fundraising this winter will come from my bake sale, I would love to have some support from everyone else out there. The more, the merrier! Bake sales are easy to arrange, and you can always save some of the goodies that you bake to eat for yourself. Check back in on here or on my fundraising page in two weeks for an update!

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