Thursday, January 12, 2012

Consistency is Key!

It's hard to believe we're already almost half-way through January; 2012 is officially underway. We're entering that pivotal time when the routine has returned, the festivities have died down, and the resolutions are being tested. Have you kept yours up for these two weeks? It's fascinating to note that 20% of people let their resolution go once February hits and 82% of people have made the same resolution before.

We can approach those statistics with humor, or we can think on what that says about our character, drive, and attitudes. It speaks to how hard it is for us to stick with goals. In everything - be it exercise, studying, or life - consistency is key.

But what about as it relates to people? Is it important to be consistent with others? Definitely. And that's a part of my "resolution" for the year.

Let me first say that I'm not much of a resolution maker. As a personal trainer, I'm continually reminding clients of their goals, but truth be told, I operate on a more general framework than setting specific goals and resolutions for myself. While everyone is different, resolutions make me feel claustrophobic and tightly bound; I can't remember the last time I made one on New Year's Eve. Instead, I choose to focus on a new direction, path, or theme that I want to see in my life each year. And whether you're setting a goal or choosing a direction, consistency again is key if you want to see change and forward movement.

My theme for 2012 is "I am second," which centers around my desire to put my relationship with Jesus and others first, my needs and wants being second to others'. Life is too short for me to be selfish with my time, and I have received too much to put myself first. Moreover, as I reflect on the last year, I'm amazed at the many incredible stories I've heard from survivors across North America and am motivated to keep their stories in the forefront of my mind. I desire to be a consistent friend to those who have shared so much with me. Consistency in relationships means lasting bonds, and while I do believe that people come into your life for different seasons of time, it's still important to put work into each relationship and invest in others.

As a supporter to my survivor husband, I am continually reminded that people count above all else, and I am so grateful for his life and health post-treatments. But it's still far too easy for me to put myself first and be self-serving, and this is an area in all my relationships I want to consistently practice the principle of being a stronger second.

This is my focus: to be second, to be second with consistency! Whether you're in the middle of treatments, just coming through them, or have been clear of your cancer or tumor for years now, my challenge to you is to ask yourself: What can I be more consistent in this year? It might be small steps like choosing to consistently eat a healthy breakfast every day or drinking more water. It might be committing to an exercise program (whether that's simply a walk around the block or joining a gym) and actually sticking with it this time. Or, it could be more consistency in your relationships. Either way, we could all use a dose of consistency in our lives!

Here's to a fresh start to the year ahead - a year in which we commit to be consistent. Live well & be well, friends,

Bonnie is a mobile personal trainer in Calgary, Alberta and blogs about living a healthy lifestyle and offers fitness tips at her website, Life to the Full. She also leads outdoor adventure trips with her husband Mike for young adult cancer survivors. For more info, please visit: Survive & Thrive Expeditions, Inc.

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  1. I love the cards from, that's always a good site to check out for some laughs. Great post!


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