Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on BT Adventures

Today, today, live like you wanna,
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire, in a fire, in a fire,
Live like a Warrior

Matisyahu, Live Like a Warrior
Spark Seeker, 2012

There have been so many developments in the past couple of weeks that I found it easier to sit down for a few minutes and record the following videos rather than type everything all out. I had a great visit with MD Anderson last week and loved the comfortable atmosphere that they nurtured as well as their proton beam (who eerily resembled characters from the TV show House,) but learned that I cannot use their proton beam radiation machine without an open biopsy to determine the exact cell type of my tumor; and, due to its location, the open biopsy would equate to almost a complete resection of the tumor anyways. Assuming that at least 80% of the tumor was removed, proton beam radiation would be rendered pretty much needless after the biopsy/surgery. The MD Anderson visit made my decision a bit easier because they eliminated the options of what to do, and narrowed the decision down to who/where do I want to put my life on the line. I will definitely revisit the proton beam option down the road if there is a reoccurrence or determination of its necessity.

After consideration of time constraints, my level of confidence in facilities, coordinating appointments, and the experience levels for the insular region of all of the centers I visited, I have chosen a doctor at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) to perform my craniotomy, which will take place on September 4, 2012.
This first video details my initial diagnosis of a brain tumor in 2007 over the course of the past five years up until today, as I approach a craniotomy in upcoming weeks.

This second video explains the expectations and possible outcomes of my craniotomy

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