Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 International TUMORS SUCK Day

OCTOBER 25, 2012  SAN DIEGO, CA USA.  At Taste and Thirst, in the heart of San Diego's Historic Gas Lamp District, a dedicated group of tumor/cancer survivors celebrated the 2012 International TUMORS SUCK Day. They created a unique happy hour to celebrate another year of living and wanted to recognize their personal supporters with a "Thriver Toast" dedicated to the unsung heros in the survivorship journey:  our family, our friends, and our fellow survivors.  It takes a special group of individuals to step up or step in when someone they know is facing an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis.  These unsung heroes deserve recognition because they fulfill a role that is sorely needed, but seldom formally requested.  They are the ones who watch their friends and loved ones become weak from treatment, yet still are there to pick them up or support them!  They see survivors at their weakest and most vulnerable, yet care enough about them to stick around.   It is because of them that tumor/cancer survivors can evolve into "Tumor/Cancer Thrivers."  They are the unsung heros in the journey to "Thrivership.  They deserve recognition!  WE CAN'T THANK THEM ENOUGH FOR STICKING AROUND AND BEING THERE FOR US!

International TUMORS SUCK Day is a day to celebrate life AND the people who make life worth living.  ALL TUMORS SUCK, BUT WE DON'T!  Thanks for sharing this day with us!  We look forward to celebrating it with you in 2013!  Keep October 25 open next year!  Organize your own Tumors Suck Day event next year.  Say thanks to YOUR "mAss Kicking" posse!

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