Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock Da Hawk in Hawktober for Brain Tumor Awareness and Highlight it Pink to Support Breast Cancer Patients!

A friend of mine took the reins on a mohawk brain tumor awareness campaign, Hawktober and I've been helping to promote it.  The first week we got a few people to rock hawks.  We think mohawks represent the fighting attitude it takes to rally people to fight these horrible diseases.  A mohawk definitely grabs people's attention!  With a mohawk, you can see easily the battle scars on our heads from brain surgery!   To honor our Breast Cancer sisters, we decided to do pink highlights to show our support for breast cancer patients since October is also breast cancer awareness month!  We actually went up to Hollywood to do the pink highlights.  I decided to honor my aunt that passed away from breast cancer by dying my mohawk pink!  A few of my friends dyed pink highlights in their hair to honor their breast cancer sisters!  BIG PROPS to Floyd's 99 Rock N Roll Barbershop!  They have been extremely helpful in promoting our efforts!   On Thursday night we will be celebrating International TUMORS SUCK Day.  This is a day we created to celebrate life! Over the last few years, we have met tumor/cancer survivors from all over the world from North America to Australia to Africa to Europe to Asia.  To unify the international battle against all forms of tumors/cancer we created a day when everyone can voice their displeasure with ALL FORMS OF (liquid or solid) TUMORS/CANCER.  INTERNATIONAL TUMORS SUCK DAY was created to express this sentiment.
All that it requires is printing out the logo and posting a picture with it on facebook.  It is easy to participate.
1.  Print out the TUMORS SUCK LOGO. 

Please support our efforts to make tumor/cancer survivoship a global issue!   CONSIDER making a small donation or becoming a leader and joining us in this epic battle.   PLEASE HELP US FIGHT ALL FORMS OF TUMORS,  BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY PASS THIS PAGE ON!!!  THIS CAMPAIGN IS BEING LEAD BY A SMALL BUT PASSIONATE GROUP OF TUMOR/CANCER SURVIVORS!  WE CANNOT FIGHT THIS BATTLE ALONE!!!  PLEASE JOIN US IN DECLARING "TUMORS SUCK!"

About mAss Kickers Foundation:
MISSION STATEMENT mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Diego, CA, USA, which provides support and motivation to all newly-diagnosed patients, family, and friends affected by tumors or cancer.  MKF serves this mission through its website, fund-raising, and select events throughout the year.
VISION STATEMENT To be the first website newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and their loved ones visit for information, inspiration, and a "pugilistic attitude" after getting an intimidating diagnosis.  A unique "mAss Kicking Community" will be formed to unite ALL affected by tumors/cancer to battle these horrible diseases.

 Proceeds from the funds raised will be dispersed to tumor/cancer research organizations On 10-25 in San Diego, CA USA we are putting together a Tumors Suck Day Happy Hour at Taste and Thirst in the historic Gas Lamp District.  Please come celebrate life with us! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

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