Thursday, July 21, 2011

"I'm a mAss Kicker! Pass it on!"

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2010 was a banner year for mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF). Past success leads to higher expectations in the future. Higher expectations in 2011 brings with it bigger goals. mAss Kickers will continue presenting unique articles/interviews/resources for newly diagnosed patients on our website.

We do have some cool new events and activities planned in 2011. You'll have to stay tuned on to keep up with us! In addition to providing resources and articles for newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones on our website, we are planning at least 3 major events in 2011:
  • in Summer 2011, the 3rd Annual TUMORS SUCK! Paintball Benefit in Michigan
  • in Fall 2011, TUMORS SUCK! DAY Event in sunny San Diego CA
  • in SPRING 2011, an exciting new mAss Kickers Foundation event in sunny San Diego (details to come... stay tuned!)
Our goal is to raise at least $5000 for MKF in order to host at least the three major events listed above, fund smaller MKF projects (conference registration, website maintenence, office supplies, operational costs, etc) and to donate funds to our selected 2010 tumor/cancer research beneficiary before December 31, 2010. We have very ambitious plans in 2011.

If you are a mAss Kicker, please consider a tax-deductible donation and pass it on! Please forward this webpage to your contacts so that we can fight back against ALL tumor masses! Be a part of the begining of "Something Special"! If you feel more comfortable, mail a check addressed to "mAss Kickers Foundation" to:

mAss Kickers Foundation

2010 Inaugural Fundraising Drive

1950 Camino De La Reina #312

San Diego, CA 92108

The funds raised from this campaign will go to: the 2011 general operations of MKF - printing brochures, distributing stickers, participating in conferences across the US, creating unique mAss Kickers events, and supporting our 2010 research beneficiary. In 2011, we will focus more on using the "K.U.R.E." as a strategy for ALL individuals touched by a tumor mass. When someone gets diagnosed with cancer or a tumor, Knowledge, Unity, and Research lead to Empowerment for everyone affected by these horrible diagnoses!

What are mAss Kickers Foundation's Ultimate goals?
  • Provide unique articles and interviews useful to the newly diagnosed patient and their loved ones on our website.
  • Promote Unity among ALL cancer/tumor types and between patients and their loved ones through a common "pugilistic" attitude.
  • Support research through articles, events, and donations.
  • Empower the newly diagnosed patient and their loved ones with a strategy to become proactive in their care so they feel less helpless after getting intimidating news.

To see what we have accomplished in 2010: click here!



- the mAss Kickers Foundation team

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*originally published on Dec 22, 2010 @ 15:51

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