Sunday, July 3, 2011

Introduction by Eric Galvez, President mAss Kickers Foundation

Welcome to a New Group blog. A few of my friends decided to get together and combine forces on a unique new cancer blog. You will be exposed to different types of survivorship. Just thought it would be cool to see what different survivors were up to. The goal of the blog is to expose people to the different issues that survivors of different types of tumors/cancer have to deal with. We all have issues we have to deal with, but we all have what it takes to mount a unified counter-attack against these diseases. In the wise words of Sesame Street, We are different but the same. We will be posting at least once a month. You will find each of us has a unique story. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS! Here is my story as a video.

Please take a look around! We will be open to suggestions to improve the Group Blog.

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Are you Ready to be a mAss Kicker?

We think ALL Tumors Suck! We believe a stronger community needs to be formed to more efficiently fight these diseases. JOIN THE MASS KICKERS ARMY! Content here will be provided by real people who have been affected by tumors/cancer. Any one can be a "mAss Kicker". When facing a new intimidating diagnosis it is easy to loose confidence. We've found that the "Right ATTITUDE" will help get you through a difficult time! Are you ready to be a "mAss Kicker?"