Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Physical Therapy approach to Survivorship

Uh oh, the "Physical Therapy Bug" just bite me again. Last week I went to New Orleans for the APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM). It was VERY different from the last time I was in New Orleans as a student on spring break... I'll keep those stories private... hee hee hee. CSM is a national physical therapy conference that brings together all the specialty sections of physical therapy practice (like orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, oncology, etc). As a student and young professional I was a member of the Student Conclave and Sports Physical Therapy Section. I'm now a member of the oncology section for obvious reasons. Anyways, I got to attend 4 great sessions in which I have strong personal interest:
  • An Evidence-Based Approach to the Identification and Screening of Balance for Patients with Cancer
  • An Evidence-Based Approach to the Examination and Intervention of Balance Disorders for Patients with Cancer
  • Exercise and the Athlete with Cancer
  • Oncology Exercise Issues in Outpatient Physical Therapy: Beyond ROM and Fitness Prescription
There was no mention of brain tumors in any of the sessions I attended. In my situation, physical therapy/rehabilitation play a large role in my personal recovery. Now granted, I think I have a unique perspective on brain tumor survivorship, I think it is sad that I was left to fend for myself to reach my full rehabilitation potential. I was very lucky to have a strong medical team offering me sound advice! My rehabilitation potential would have been cut off from insurance a long time ago, but luckily I found the Challenge Center to continue therapy. Nobody knows how much I will recover. Since no one has answers, I will continue to push my limits. The Oncology Section of the APTA seems to be the best place for me to find answers. Unfortunately, there is nothing laid out there for young brain tumor survivors to improve function and quality of life. More digging is needed! The APTA Oncology Section is for healthcare professionals. I wanna do something that gives resources directly with patients. Enter mAss Kickers Foundation. I think that mAss Kickers Foundation can supply an arsenal of information and Knowledge for the newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones to battle a tumor mass or cancer diagnosis. Unity among all those touched by both malignant and benign tumors will only strengthen the opposition against these horrible diseases. Ultimately it will be scientific Research that will be our greatest "weapon" to fight a tumor mass or cancer diagnosis on much larger scale. Eventually, knowledge, unity, and research will lead to Empowerment for everyone touched by these horrible diseases. Confidence and Courage are some of the first things lost with an intimidating tumor or cancer diagnosis. By Using the K.U.R.E. we develop a strategy to manage these diseases until the "magic cure" is found! In Physical Therapy, we can't always cure a pathological or structural dysfunction/pain but we can offer strategies to manage the symptoms. I think that same approach can be applied to survivorship.

*originally published on Feb 13, 2011 @ 17:09

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