Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inaugural TUMORS SUCK! Benefit Dinner

Last night I attended the Inaugural Tumors Suck Benefit Dinner at the Fenton Moose Lodge in Fenton, MI. The evening was highlighted by performances by two young bands, Easy Vibe and Expanse of the Unknown. The event was the first mAss Kickers benefit with live performances. Booth Bands ROCKED THE HOUSE and an impressive amount of money was raised for mAss Kickers Foundation thanks to the hard work and leadership of Sean and Terrie Lapham, Angel Bureau, and Andrew Wlodyga. It was great seeing these youngsters Rock Out to jams I would normally listen. It put a smile on my face hearing random people say "TUMORS SUCK!". It not something you hear very often. I think it is an attitude that is hard to find after getting an intimidating tumor or cancer diagnosis.

Tumors Suck! is an Awareness campaign by mAss Kickers Foundation, but I think it can be used to unite survivors and our loved ones against these horrible diseases. I think "TUMORS SUCK!" is an ATTITUDE that newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones need to effectively battle these horrible diseases. Fear of the unknown is very intimidating. People need to fight back. I believe that no one should give up or lie down when faced with an intimidating new tumor or cancer diagnosis. I believe in completely the opposite. We need to confidently stand up and "declare war on these diseases." Adopting the right ATTITUDE to fight these diseases is only the first step. Our TUMORS SUCK! Campaign is only the first step in a strategy to combat these horrible diseases.

This weekend is the 3rd Tumors Suck Paintball Benefit... Stay tuned...

originally posted 8-1-11 on ericgalvezdpt.com

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