Saturday, August 20, 2011

Please vote for mAss Kickers Foundation as "BEST NEW CHARITY"

Please vote for mAss Kickers Foundation as "BEST NEW CHARITY"

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The mAss Kickers organization was founded in 2010 as a result of a Facebook group started by Eric Galvez named “Tumors Suck.” Their main goal is to provide articles and information for newly diagnosed tumor patients while unifying them around the cause and raising funding for research through donations and events.

Eric Galvez graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint in 2003 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. 23 months later, he was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor. In the following months he had brain surgery, radiation therapy on his brain, and months of rehabilitation with his former co-workers. In 2007 he started an advocacy movement on Facebook called “TUMORS SUCK!” The group, as well as a website created with the same name, went viral and eventually led to the creation of the mAss Kickers charity. mAss Kickers provides support and motivation to all newly-diagnosed patients, family, and friends affected by tumors or cancer.

MKF serves this mission through its website, fundraising, and select events throughout the year. They define a mAss Kicker as “noun. Someone who gets an intimidating diagnosis, hears the words “we found a mass in your ____(insert important body structure here)”, and refuses to let it control their life. ” The organization takes an approach they call “pugilistic,” which refers to the art of fighting with fists, and reflects their mission of empowering patients and families by uniting them against a common enemy. In addition to the “Tumors Suck!” awareness campaign, they encourage other mAss Kickers to “Use the K.U.R.E,” or K – Use KNOWLEDGE, U – Promote UNITY, R – Support RESEARCH, E – EMPOWER YOURSELF.

Through their unique and innovative approach, mAss Kickers will continue to bring the fight to these horrible diseases.

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We think ALL Tumors Suck! We believe a stronger community needs to be formed to more efficiently fight these diseases. JOIN THE MASS KICKERS ARMY! Content here will be provided by real people who have been affected by tumors/cancer. Any one can be a "mAss Kicker". When facing a new intimidating diagnosis it is easy to loose confidence. We've found that the "Right ATTITUDE" will help get you through a difficult time! Are you ready to be a "mAss Kicker?"