Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 10 list of Brain Tumor "Thank Yous"

Hey Brain Tumor, Thanks For:

1. Introducing me to so many incredible survivors, organizations, and advocates.
2. Messing up my balance and coordination, allowing me to get The mAss Kicker Mobile
3. Making me realize there is no good strategy to fight ALL tumors. So we created one.
4. Teaching me that I can accomplish anything if I have a good plan.
5. Helping me appreciate all "the little things"
6. Allowing me to use my knowledge picked up in school to fight back against ALL tumors!
7. Forcing me to recreate myself and allowing me to use my creativity.
8. Pissing me off and forcing me to retaliate!
9. Making me more "immature" and allowing me to find humor in everything...
10. Giving me a new direction in life.

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